Art and Poetry

A Deadly Love



The first time we met, I was tempted to say it was nice to finally meet you in person.. After all this time chasing you in the interception of our dreams… But in that moment my nerves held my courage hostage and all I could afford to say was hello
I remember you had a smile like the first day of spring..a gleeful, mysterious beauty dipped in enthusiasm
I remember our eyes being locked into each other like Jupiter eclipsing the sun.
An overwhelming, heavy heat of passion piercing the membrane which hid our souls
When our hands touched, that stinging sensation was reminiscent of thunder crossing paths with an asteroid
Powerful, psychedelic and dangerous to our well being
But we didn’t care … Your love penetrated my heartmosphere like an alien spaceship as it crash landed in my sea of expectations.
My world was ravished,  but you used your love to reassure me you were harmless
and like the fool that I was, I believed it.
It was climbing your mountain of complexities, navigating your most sacred intricacies, that I lost my grip and fell.. And you jumped after me, and as gravity pulled our bodies towards their predestined death you reached out your hand to hold me.. the clear skyline in your eyes was ambushed by dark clouds and for the last time I felt the rain.. As we fell towards our demise, you hugged me close..pressing your heart against mine until our beats harmonized… And just before we hit, you kissed my soul and I knew.. salvation awaits us on the other side
Art and Poetry

The Problem with my Generation

The elders would have it to say that there’s not much hope for humanity if it has to depend on this generation to continue. They think we’re all lazy, naive, selfish, destructive, immoral, out of touch and too radical to amount to anything good for humanity. But I wonder, what is “good” to them? And how do they define it?
I guess if I was to take a wild guess anything good for them should fall in line with the traditional and normal notions of the reality that they’re used to. So once you go to school and get straight A’s, avoid sex until you’re permitted to do so through marriage or get a stable job working 8 hours a day in a routine for at least the next 20 years; you are “good” then? And humanity will continue? What a load of BS
You see they have these rules set up that they lived by, that they expect us to apply in our lives but we don’t; and this is their biggest problem with my generation. We just don’t listen. But why should we? And why should we regard older counsel as authoritative because it’s older? And they’ll answer to say “because it is right”. But elder, who are you to think that your way is the right way?
This is a generation empowered by technology and enlightened by global access to information. The history they forgot to teach us in schools we now know. The religion we have been taught to believe is absolute we now question due to the knowledge of others that are equally “absolute”. The politics our parents are used to, is the politics we reject today because we’ve come to realize our leaders can do much better. Oh, and we talk like thi$ $0m3+!m3$, bcz wii c@n. We leave college and start our own businesses instead of working for theirs because we can. We do all these irritating things and more, because… we can.
That’s the problem with my generation, we know that we can do just about anything we set our minds to. We can build multi-million dollar enterprises from our bed sides with a steady internet access. We can march into government buildings and intimidate our leaders into doing things our way. We can fall in love and not get married or start a family but still living a fulfilling, happy life. We can do all these things and more, and that my friends scares the hell out of our elders. They must be wondering,” how can a generation be so much more empowered than we ever were, and still seem unbothered by reality?”
But are we though? Or have they just been too blindsided to see the revolution happening before them? I guess time will tell.
Art and Poetry



The energy between them was like nothing they’d ever felt before.

A force undiscovered by man, but very present between them. It was a strange, unexpected phenomenon that neither could control. All he knew was that when she looked into his eyes she could see him whole and naked, skin desecrated with insecurities of his past. A man, tainted by his mistakes but made stronger by his triumphs. Defeated so many times, he started to accept it as his destiny

Until he met her..
She was the light that brought his world back from a point of no return. She was the strength that he needed to balance the expectations of the world on his shoulders.
She was his fix, and he was hers. He helped her to love again, with her heart first and not the altar of her womb
To hug again with kindness and not senseless obligation
To kiss again, eyes closed while her imagination leads her to somewhere magical
Wounds of heartbreak and misfortune, he healed with his love
He kept her alive, carried her on his back when she was too weak to continue
He supported her
They were partners in this lifetime, and whatever awaited them beyond
They were wine to each’s tongue and a crown to each’s temple
They became one heart, one soul and one reason to exist
They were… Together
Art and Poetry

The Abstract


When I see you I see a truth, camouflaged in robes of pain and regret. I see a sweet soul tired of being everyone’s gladiator but her own. She wants out…an escape from this demanding reality. To somewhere untouched and pure, where she can allow herself to just..

Your eyes tell a different story from the stories I’ve heard about you
They tell the story of a girl who always felt she was too short to live up to her expectations
A girl who has lived in fear for so long it has dictated the extent of her dreams..
Until now
Because now she’s  built up enough strength to try her first dose of courage
A courage to live her life unapologetically by following the tune of her heartbeat
And as I pluck the strings of your organ, I think to myself:
Something we’ve both felt before many times, but never actually kept for good Because
we never found our other half
And even though we pretend to be whole for the whole world to see, we both know there’s still a hole that only we can fill for each other..
But we’ve grown so accustomed to feeling incomplete the very thought that We could solve each other’s mystery puts us deeper in our confusion
Because to us cynics happily ever after is still just another well preserved delusion
which has no place in our reality of things..
Unless we’re wrong
What if this is our chance at love that we’re treating so nonchalantly?
What if our sources of wise counsel are wrong?
What if this feeling between us is actually it, but we’re too proud to accept we’re each other’s weaknesses
What if we’ve been wrong this whole time?
Art and Poetry

Seduction Redefined

Woman, I see you in the club over there with your friends.
You and I both know you didn’t wear that loose dress because the weather is humid,
and those heels because it brings you 8 inches closer to God.
No, instead you have a premeditated agenda to commit first degree murder on the composure of all men here tonight; with seduction as your weapon of choice.
But I apologize in advance if your seduction is not enough to penetrate my core.
I also apologize if I seem to not care that you’re standing 5 meters away from me,
or at all interested in engaging you.
You see, I am a lot more selective than the others in here,
and before you jump to any conclusions let me explain.
I am not gay, so your first assumption about me is wrong.
But I’ve learnt from enough experiences to know that there’s MORE to you than your ability to command an erection…
and the MORE is what I want to be attracted to.
I want you to lure me into your mystery, and make me want to figure out your complexities.
Tease me with the knowledge I know you possess, by challenging my attempts to impress you with what I THINK I know.
Make the first move for once, and leave my ego stunned in his blocks; confused as to what just happened.
Engage me in conversation about something meaningful; something that will have my mind reminiscing for days.
Show me that you don’t care that I have a penis, or that my kind seems to control the reality we coexist in.
Because your gratification, and success in life depends on you
Reveal to me your royal highness, so that I may consider citizenship in your queendom. Woman, I’ve read your story in the history books, and what you had to endure to rub shoulders with us men today.
So I know you’re more than your loose skirt and high heels stereotype.
You are strength, you are spiritual, you are virtuous, you are confident and you are beautiful. You are a woman, and that is what you should use to murder my composure. Redefine Seduction.
Art and Poetry

Proclamations of the 2.0


My voice….I’ve been asked to share it

But most times it’s just diplomacies

to combat their controversies

conjured by jacket and ties

with agendas for their big agencies…


But if I was to speak out, you would hear the revolution in my cry

Because I, am a child of Marcus Garvey

a string in the Tuff Gong’s guitar

a single current in this air of revolution…….waiting

Frustrated, Tired, trapped in a space of false pretence

Emancipated…no, emancipendence…but still recognize a Governor General in residence

When will we break away from this mental debt trap that the Maasas have us living in…

and stop starving our minds with their empty truths

When will we stop taking their monies, only to give them back!

taking their money and giving them back! Take, Give! TAKE, GIVE!

This cycle of “unprogressiveness” labelled as a strategy for growth..

meeting their targets, while creating more targets of our unsuspecting Jamaican citizens…

How much more children need to go to bed hungry to meet their targets??

How much more slashes to the back must our dollar endure to meet their targets?

How much more targets must we make of ourselves to meet their targets?

My brothers, my sisters, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

We are the fire, we are the guns, we are the war that we’ve been praying for..

WE ARE THE REVOLUTION that will NOT be televised..

but tweeted, posted and SHOUTED….from the throats of change..

– G.B, in collaboration with L.K and K.H

Art and Poetry

A Queens Counsel


There are going to be times when your YES is outnumbered by their NOs and you start doubting the motives behind what you’re doing
They’ll make you feel like a fool playing a fool who doesn’t know she’s a fool just so they can get that chance to rule your intentions
But you can’t let them in. No, correction, you should NEVER let them in because the day you do that is the day your dreams start to lose air and descend slowly into their bay of mundane realities

Check your heartbeat, memorize its rhythm, and try to mimic its calm and gentle consistency
Make a pact with the sun to always bring out the shine in your smile even when your world is too cloudy to produce one
Be mindful that you come from a line of goddesses that ruled with their pride as their shield and their struggle as their weapon,

so please, don’t limit your capacity to be strong..

Be patient, and faithful that the greatness inside you will surface when the time is right
Let your diligence be your staff and your intuition be your compass as you navigate your way towards your purpose
Always remember who you were before you embarked on becoming who you want to be, and keep that person close to you in the discovery process
You were wonderfully written as a sonnet for Hope..each line characterized by your strength of character…each word representing your individuality..each period accenting your beauty.