Art and Poetry

A Deadly Love



The first time we met, I was tempted to say it was nice to finally meet you in person.. After all this time chasing you in the interception of our dreams… But in that moment my nerves held my courage hostage and all I could afford to say was hello
I remember you had a smile like the first day of spring..a gleeful, mysterious beauty dipped in enthusiasm
I remember our eyes being locked into each other like Jupiter eclipsing the sun.
An overwhelming, heavy heat of passion piercing the membrane which hid our souls
When our hands touched, that stinging sensation was reminiscent of thunder crossing paths with an asteroid
Powerful, psychedelic and dangerous to our well being
But we didn’t care … Your love penetrated my heartmosphere like an alien spaceship as it crash landed in my sea of expectations.
My world was ravished,  but you used your love to reassure me you were harmless
and like the fool that I was, I believed it.
It was climbing your mountain of complexities, navigating your most sacred intricacies, that I lost my grip and fell.. And you jumped after me, and as gravity pulled our bodies towards their predestined death you reached out your hand to hold me.. the clear skyline in your eyes was ambushed by dark clouds and for the last time I felt the rain.. As we fell towards our demise, you hugged me close..pressing your heart against mine until our beats harmonized… And just before we hit, you kissed my soul and I knew.. salvation awaits us on the other side

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