Art and Poetry

The Problem with my Generation

The elders would have it to say that there’s not much hope for humanity if it has to depend on this generation to continue. They think we’re all lazy, naive, selfish, destructive, immoral, out of touch and too radical to amount to anything good for humanity. But I wonder, what is “good” to them? And how do they define it?
I guess if I was to take a wild guess anything good for them should fall in line with the traditional and normal notions of the reality that they’re used to. So once you go to school and get straight A’s, avoid sex until you’re permitted to do so through marriage or get a stable job working 8 hours a day in a routine for at least the next 20 years; you are “good” then? And humanity will continue? What a load of BS
You see they have these rules set up that they lived by, that they expect us to apply in our lives but we don’t; and this is their biggest problem with my generation. We just don’t listen. But why should we? And why should we regard older counsel as authoritative because it’s older? And they’ll answer to say “because it is right”. But elder, who are you to think that your way is the right way?
This is a generation empowered by technology and enlightened by global access to information. The history they forgot to teach us in schools we now know. The religion we have been taught to believe is absolute we now question due to the knowledge of others that are equally “absolute”. The politics our parents are used to, is the politics we reject today because we’ve come to realize our leaders can do much better. Oh, and we talk like thi$ $0m3+!m3$, bcz wii c@n. We leave college and start our own businesses instead of working for theirs because we can. We do all these irritating things and more, because… we can.
That’s the problem with my generation, we know that we can do just about anything we set our minds to. We can build multi-million dollar enterprises from our bed sides with a steady internet access. We can march into government buildings and intimidate our leaders into doing things our way. We can fall in love and not get married or start a family but still living a fulfilling, happy life. We can do all these things and more, and that my friends scares the hell out of our elders. They must be wondering,” how can a generation be so much more empowered than we ever were, and still seem unbothered by reality?”
But are we though? Or have they just been too blindsided to see the revolution happening before them? I guess time will tell.

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