Art and Poetry



The energy between them was like nothing they’d ever felt before.

A force undiscovered by man, but very present between them. It was a strange, unexpected phenomenon that neither could control. All he knew was that when she looked into his eyes she could see him whole and naked, skin desecrated with insecurities of his past. A man, tainted by his mistakes but made stronger by his triumphs. Defeated so many times, he started to accept it as his destiny

Until he met her..
She was the light that brought his world back from a point of no return. She was the strength that he needed to balance the expectations of the world on his shoulders.
She was his fix, and he was hers. He helped her to love again, with her heart first and not the altar of her womb
To hug again with kindness and not senseless obligation
To kiss again, eyes closed while her imagination leads her to somewhere magical
Wounds of heartbreak and misfortune, he healed with his love
He kept her alive, carried her on his back when she was too weak to continue
He supported her
They were partners in this lifetime, and whatever awaited them beyond
They were wine to each’s tongue and a crown to each’s temple
They became one heart, one soul and one reason to exist
They were… Together

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