Politics, Leadership and Governance

Free Up wi Democracy!


The shackles on our Democracy have been singing a tune for freedom for too long, and it is time that we start to listen. The leaders who serve us should not have the power to determine when they wish to prove themselves to the people, essentially enslaving our democracy. The last four years of governance on both sides of the divide have been nothing short of slackness and mediocrity. While they might have had some triumphs in their handling of the economy, the same can’t be said about how they have handled themselves as leaders.

Let me make this unequivocally clear that this is not some political strategy to score points for neither of the parties in competition; but something that I believe needs to be said.

The fact that Dr Fenton Ferguson can recklessly manage the Ministry of Health and then get reassigned for his “punishment” speaks volumes about the extent to which accountability is upheld in our parliament.The fact that following the dead baby scandal, Minister Ferguson can hold our right to access information at ransom by delaying his submission of the Ministry of Health’s Audit report, speaks volumes about the level of transparency maintained in our governance. The fact that the governing Peoples National Party (PNP) can trick the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) into wasting JMD $250 million dollars in late 2015 preparing for an election; only to find out it has been postponed pending a “touch from the master” speaks volumes about the integrity of our politicians.

Frankly speaking, their behavior thus far has been unacceptable and disappointing to me as a young person looking on to see these people set an example for me to follow. I am not energized at all to get involved in this dolly house of a government; and this being a sentiment shared by the majority of young people should be worrisome for the future of Jamaica.

To the government to be, If you really care about capturing the youth interest in politics then I would say start acting like a government worthy of our participation. Start by setting a fixed election date to remove this autonomy you have over the process; and put the power back into the hands of the people. Implement a right to recall to keep Ministers like Dr Ferguson and others on their best behavior; knowing fully that if they slip, they will slide. I would like to also see greater powers conferred upon the Integrity Commission of Jamaica to be able to punish poor performance in a way that it ought to be; and not through reassignment. Lastly and most importantly, I want to see a government that finally introduces term limits for politicians. A part of why I think politicians blunder so frequently is because they get complacent after a time; and know that once they have a certain number of party loyalists behind them their future in parliament is safe. Totally Unacceptable. I believe our governance would be so much more efficient if the helms of power were not held by any one man or woman for too long. The renewal of ideas, approaches and personalities can be very healthy for our leadership and also more inclusive as it gives way for more young leaders to make their contributions to nation building.



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