Art and Poetry

The Abstract


When I see you I see a truth, camouflaged in robes of pain and regret. I see a sweet soul tired of being everyone’s gladiator but her own. She wants out…an escape from this demanding reality. To somewhere untouched and pure, where she can allow herself to just..

Your eyes tell a different story from the stories I’ve heard about you
They tell the story of a girl who always felt she was too short to live up to her expectations
A girl who has lived in fear for so long it has dictated the extent of her dreams..
Until now
Because now she’s  built up enough strength to try her first dose of courage
A courage to live her life unapologetically by following the tune of her heartbeat
And as I pluck the strings of your organ, I think to myself:
Something we’ve both felt before many times, but never actually kept for good Because
we never found our other half
And even though we pretend to be whole for the whole world to see, we both know there’s still a hole that only we can fill for each other..
But we’ve grown so accustomed to feeling incomplete the very thought that We could solve each other’s mystery puts us deeper in our confusion
Because to us cynics happily ever after is still just another well preserved delusion
which has no place in our reality of things..
Unless we’re wrong
What if this is our chance at love that we’re treating so nonchalantly?
What if our sources of wise counsel are wrong?
What if this feeling between us is actually it, but we’re too proud to accept we’re each other’s weaknesses
What if we’ve been wrong this whole time?

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