Art and Poetry

Seduction Redefined

Woman, I see you in the club over there with your friends.
You and I both know you didn’t wear that loose dress because the weather is humid,
and those heels because it brings you 8 inches closer to God.
No, instead you have a premeditated agenda to commit first degree murder on the composure of all men here tonight; with seduction as your weapon of choice.
But I apologize in advance if your seduction is not enough to penetrate my core.
I also apologize if I seem to not care that you’re standing 5 meters away from me,
or at all interested in engaging you.
You see, I am a lot more selective than the others in here,
and before you jump to any conclusions let me explain.
I am not gay, so your first assumption about me is wrong.
But I’ve learnt from enough experiences to know that there’s MORE to you than your ability to command an erection…
and the MORE is what I want to be attracted to.
I want you to lure me into your mystery, and make me want to figure out your complexities.
Tease me with the knowledge I know you possess, by challenging my attempts to impress you with what I THINK I know.
Make the first move for once, and leave my ego stunned in his blocks; confused as to what just happened.
Engage me in conversation about something meaningful; something that will have my mind reminiscing for days.
Show me that you don’t care that I have a penis, or that my kind seems to control the reality we coexist in.
Because your gratification, and success in life depends on you
Reveal to me your royal highness, so that I may consider citizenship in your queendom. Woman, I’ve read your story in the history books, and what you had to endure to rub shoulders with us men today.
So I know you’re more than your loose skirt and high heels stereotype.
You are strength, you are spiritual, you are virtuous, you are confident and you are beautiful. You are a woman, and that is what you should use to murder my composure. Redefine Seduction.

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