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Fenton must Go, no second chances!


I find myself seriously questioning Madam Prime Minister’s competence with this recent decision she has made to keep former Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson in the leadership of our country after the HOT MESS he has left our Health Care system in. Clearly, the PNP administration is not intent on securing another term in office by keeping Fenton in politics. It is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the Jamaican citizenry to allow a man, who has declared publicly that the lives of those premature babies who died under his leadership did not matter, to still have a hand in deciding how our country ought to be run.

If unemployment rate stands at 13.2% as of April 2015, 32% of which is Youth Unemployment, then why should we now trust this man to manage our Labour and Social Security?? Is it that Labour and Social Security is an easier task than Health Care, so it is presumed therefore that he will manage? Does Fenton possess some hidden skills in human resource management that could assist in lowering our unemployment rate? Madam Prime Minister, please enlighten us. HealthministerspeaksE201410

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, Mrs Simpson Miller made the Cabinet changes after listening “to the recent discussions and expressions of concern, some of which could have the effect of distracting from the very important focus of economic and social reforms”. Correct me if I am wrong, but is this implying that our economic program is more of a priority than the health and welfare of Jamaican citizens? And could we not infer from this that it is possible our resources have been limited in it’s distribution to the Health Ministry over the last 4-5 years, to meet the demands of this tight economic program?? just some food for thought.

Madam Prime Minister must have been privy to the rate at which our healthcare system was deteriorating over the last 4-5 years; assuming our government is as transparent as the Jamaican constitution would expect them to be. I believe these 19 babies that died as a result of the system, are just a small fraction of the thousands that have died in the last two decades due to negligence of our government. We only know of 19 because our media houses lack the capacity to keep track of every tragedy. If the parents of these deceased babies are wise, they will proceed to file a civil lawsuit against the state for their gross negligence of the Health Care in our country; which has led to death of these babies and many other before them.

For the record, I am not trying to make the Opposition party favor any more in the eyes of the Jamaican electorate, and this is not a stunt to discredit the PNP in light of the election season. Get your hopes down Mr Holness, this is not a gift to you. But I believe wrong is WRONG, and right is RIGHT; and what you have done Madam Prime Minister in allowing Fenton to stay is WRONG. Dr Ferguson ought to be dismissed from public life indefinitely, not given a second chance. If those 19 children cannot receive a second chance at life, I do not see why any mercy should be extended to him.

In light of these revelations about our system, I have to wonder: Is Jamaica on its way to manifesting its vision of becoming the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business?? How do we pretend to be excited about living and raising our future families in a country that neglects the standard of healthcare provided to its citizenry? How do we stay optimistic in finding employment after formal education when our current economic program makes no room for a surplus to be achieved; essentially stifling the growth of our economy and keeping unemployment either static or growing? How do we participate in a political process that continues to serve the interests of the party in power and not the interests of the people at large? Sighs…

  • G.B

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