Art and Poetry

A Queens Counsel


There are going to be times when your YES is outnumbered by their NOs and you start doubting the motives behind what you’re doing
They’ll make you feel like a fool playing a fool who doesn’t know she’s a fool just so they can get that chance to rule your intentions
But you can’t let them in. No, correction, you should NEVER let them in because the day you do that is the day your dreams start to lose air and descend slowly into their bay of mundane realities

Check your heartbeat, memorize its rhythm, and try to mimic its calm and gentle consistency
Make a pact with the sun to always bring out the shine in your smile even when your world is too cloudy to produce one
Be mindful that you come from a line of goddesses that ruled with their pride as their shield and their struggle as their weapon,

so please, don’t limit your capacity to be strong..

Be patient, and faithful that the greatness inside you will surface when the time is right
Let your diligence be your staff and your intuition be your compass as you navigate your way towards your purpose
Always remember who you were before you embarked on becoming who you want to be, and keep that person close to you in the discovery process
You were wonderfully written as a sonnet for Hope..each line characterized by your strength of character…each word representing your individuality..each period accenting your beauty.


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