Politics, Leadership and Governance

Maybe we can start with the Mindset


As a young leader myself, I fully understand the frustrations of my counterparts when their efforts to effect a change are futile. The system has been working a certain way for so long that anything which threatens to intrude on its natural rhythm is usually unsuccessful. But before we chastise the system, it’s majority stakeholders and the role they play in making it unfair and unjust for all, I think we should ask ourselves HOW MUCH are we really doing to change it?

Now, by HOW MUCH I’m not asking you to recall your many social media rants or demonstrations with placards because the real change doesn’t have to come through rebellion and aggression; but a method much less contentious but much more effective, which a CHANGE IN MINDSET. As young leaders, we need to act as the agents of re-socialization to the younger populace in re-branding and eventually re-shaping our society’s attitudes towards Change; but more specifically using leadership through politics as a means to achieving a change. We need to present ourselves in such a way that they start to see politics not as the “corrupted game where the disadvantaged STAYS DISADVANTAGED” but rather, “the instrument of social change, collective progression and revolution”.

Once the mindset is shifted, and people start to see the system as not an end in itself, but rather as a means to a greater end which is a renovation of said system, then I reckon the participation and enthusiasm of our people will be like never before. The results of Michael Manley’s and Edward Seaga’s political reigns should never be a deterrent to you the ambitious world changer; because truthfully the past is THE PAST; and Life is a never-ending phenomenon so for us to discount future possibilities of better because of previous possibilities of terror then we rob ourselves of the chance to be a change.

So to my colleagues, friends and whomever that may have come across this post and are privileged to hold a position of leadership, I implore you to see where my rationale for Change lies. We don’t have to always march or protest antagonistically, but sometimes it’s as simple as representation. How you represent the office you hold, and how you advance your agenda in a way that challenges the system’s status quo while inspiring others to do the same. If you can do this well enough, then the people will have no choice but to change their disposition, and start believing in a world where Change is possible.






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