Art and Poetry

My Version of Love

You see there are two versions of love in this world
There’s that….best sex before sex became sex and that….make you question if you were living life before you met her kind of love
And then there’s that simple, unpredictable as rain, can’t get enough of our conversations, being able to be myself  around you kind of love.

But the best version is really a blend of the two, and that’s the kind of love I’d want to have too

That kind of love where our bodies compete with each other like sprinters to the finish when we make ..pleasure
My sweat marrying yours in sexual matrimony and together making sweet little bundles of… Ecstasy
I’d want to wake up every morning convinced that life has gotten a little better, a little more bearable and lot more exciting thanks to you

I’d want to use your dreams as my muse and paint my future with your tears of joy
I’d want to… feel it’s just us alone in this big empty playground of a world when I’m around you..with no drama to distract us, fears to slow us… or people to dictate how we organize our..Love

I’d want you to blow my mind, and swallow my misconceptions, teaching me things about things I thought I knew and…revealing my mind to knowledge that explains our world’s anomalies
I’d want that kind of love that makes me question the current convention for love, and whether the word itself is worthy to even describe what we share

That kind of love where my heart skips, trips and tumbles over a beat when I see you
That love where my imagination takes me to a place where you’re walking down an isle looking as perfect as the sunset, and me standing there so eager to say I do that my tongue seizes in the moment..
That kind of love that will inspire commitment and devotion among broken unions
And encourage the cold-hearted to melt their pain away for happiness to rise
A love so real that people will say it was ordained by God himself..
that these two people’s souls will be each other’s missing piece that forms the whole

That kind of love that brings with it an excitement which transcends the bounds of February 14
And lives in the stars with our hopes and dreams….


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