Social Commentary

Take it Back!!

Dr K’adamawe K’nife, lecturer of entrepreneurship at the UWI Mona, made the most profound call to action at a forum this evening that not only provoked many, but more importantly enlightened us all to the harsh reality that: THEY have stolen IT from us. He asserted that it is high time us as young people organize and centralize our efforts towards one common approach to change, instead of scattering our efforts and thereby minimizing our impact as a result.

But I find myself asking one fundamental question, and it is the How? How do we take back something that is rightfully ours, when we’ve been cultured for so long to believe we are visitors in THEIR system?? How do we learn from those that have tried and failed before so as to do it differently and achieve the desired end without losing ourselves in the process?? How do I as a youth who sees these problems set out to encourage my counterparts to not only see them as well, but start thinking along that same path to change??

While all these questions aforementioned deserve to be answered, I think in prioritizing, we need to try answering the most latter. The latter question can be interpreted to ask:  How do I set out to be the change I want to see?

I think we need to stop having these discussions about Change in small, controlled spaces where the reach is limited and start bringing it to the fore. We need to confront our leaders, in situations for our counterparts to see, and boldly chastise their wrong doings. I believe that when one sees another take that step it will set off a chain reaction of courage and furthermore, it will encourage more young people to come forward with their voices.

We need to start reminding our leaders WHERE the power lies to break this cycle of complacency and “self-service” that plagues our political system. I think once more young people step forward in this way, and create that platform then and only then the THEY will be forced to listen to us! THEY will be forced to promote our ideas! THEY will be forced to give up their seats for younger, brighter minds to take over! THEY will be forced to give it back!

That’s how we need to take it back; not through aggression (which I fully endorse if necessary), but through our voices. We need to speak up!!






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