Finding your Piece of Peace

In a world where there are more forces to drive you to the edge than there are to keep you understood, this notion of finding your peace can hold serious merit. But what is your peace?? What’s that one thing balances you out? And how do we go about finding it? How do we know if we’ve found it already but not using it properly?

We could go on and on questioning and extending our curiosity, but it would all take us to one word: meditation. You must learn the art of meditation before you can receive your piece of peace. Meditation is this state of self-induced calmness that should take you on a reflective journey retracing each step that got you to your current place. It’s through this process of reflecting that you’ll be able to identify your points of triumph, points of failure, points of struggle and your points of ease. It isn’t until you fully understand these checkpoints that you’ll then be able to properly navigate your way through the upcoming cycles of Life.

That ability to control your progression will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of Life. There’s less anxiety and nervousness in making decisions, because you develop a greater knowledge of what to expect. When you meditate, in essence, you’re just reading over notes for an exam. Your notes referring to the different events that made up your lifetime prior to when you started to meditate, and the exam being this never-ending test of life.

When you’re more confident about the exam, you’re more at ease; and that feeling of ease is your piece of peace.




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