Learn to be your own support system



College has so far been my most challenging experience to date. It’s so ironic too because it’s shorter than high school, there’s less rules and more autonomy to do what I want; but it’s still a challenge. I feel like the biggest challenge for me, which I’m still coming to terms with, is the fact that I’m literally on my own; and this becomes reinforced even more because I commute to school. Physically, emotionally and financially (to an extent) I’m pretty much on my own.

There’s no mandatory class like P.E back in high school that would force me to exercise each week to maintain a certain standard of health. My parents aren’t there for me as much as they used to be, and not because they’ve grown to love me less (I’m hoping),  but because they have this confidence that I can  handle things on my own which has caused them to get a little complacent with the attention giving (so they claim). Emotionally I don’t have anyone to “Dr. Phil” me anymore, so I have to be counseling myself; without a psychology degree and an obvious bias to agree with whatever perspective/solution my mind concocts that carries the least injury. Financially, even though my parents are still funding my education to an extent, they are still under this assumption that my wants are the same as they were when I was 16 years old. So basically as my wants increased over time, my “income” held constant, and the real purchasing power of what I could buy with my money has fallen dramatically. So now I have to “hustle” to make ends COMPLETELY meet.

The take away from this post is that at some point during your growth, you’ll have to learn to stand on your own. You’ll have to learn to be your own best friend, your own critic, your own mentor and your own support system.






2 thoughts on “Learn to be your own support system

  1. Shavar Maloney says:

    While it may feel like this, you will be surprised that you may find a support system in a few good friends. Find the people who will build you and help you succeed!


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