The Theory of Ambition and Loneliness: the ‘Perfect Compliments’



Being extraordinary will come at a price, and not the kind of price you would pay with money, but with something even more valuable than money itself; your time. Ever heard the saying time is money? I think they should revise that saying to mean time creates money. This is because the previous phrase communicates that both time and money are of equal relevance, and that reciprocated,  money is time; which is not the case. The fact is, the more time you put into whatever you’re doing is the greater return when you’re done; whether that return is tangible or intangible.

But this post is not about the relationship between time and money. Rather, I want o use it to propose my theory to explain the relationship between Ambition and Loneliness, the perfect compliments. I started off with time and money to really explain the relevance of time which is actually the middle variable in my theory. You’ll need time to be ambitious more than you need it to be lonely, and I doubt people actually devote time to be lonely; but then again people are weird so I could be wrong.

You see the more time you have on your hands is the more room to be ambitious, which in effect creates room to be more lonely. Before you decide to take on the world, you’ll be able to afford wasting time with people you aren’t a 100% interested in because you won’t have much to lose; and I’m speaking specifically to friendships and relationships. But when you start to focus on you now and building your dream, your time as a result will become more valuable than ever.

You’ll find yourself subconsciously creating a checklist of qualities/requirements that a person must have for you to consider ‘spending’ your time on them. It’s like you become a trader of equities, where people are the public companies and time is the money you would use to acquire shares in them.  You’ll then start paying keen attention on the return from every investment. Of course you will want to buy shares in yourself first, because investing your time in yourself will lessen the risk of a bad return on your investment.

But you also don’t want to limit your earning power by not diversifying your portfolio . You want to invest in people too because a part of you will still want lots of  friendships and healthy relationship(s) like the regular people with a lot more free time on their hands to invest with. But the reality is you’ll never be like regular people, and this is like an invisible tax you pay for being ambitious. Your circle will get really small, with mostly family and long time friends and you’ll have a hard time in the relationship game.

This is won’t be because you’re unattractive or anything, but because you just don’t have the time to just invest arbitrarily, and your mind is going to get wired in such a way that even courting or inviting courtship from a suitor becomes this awkward, difficult experience. Also to add to that, by virtue of being ambitious you’ll be stamped as unavailable. That’s the perception people will have of you, and it’s a perception that will make it harder to attract or court anyone.

There is hope though, because my theory could be wrong. There are people out there who are ambitious and well taken care of. What I’ve noticed with these people though, is that in a majority of the cases they met their partners long before they decided to take on the world. The case is usually where they both met on the runway with similar dreams and appetites for greatness which motivated them to fly away together. So as they both grow ambitiously, they pool the little time they each have to make the best of it together, which disrupts the relationship between ambition and loneliness as proposed in my theory. That’s always a possibility too. So before you decide to take on the world, find your flying partner.







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