True Strength is NOT in numbers


 True Strength is NOT in numbers. I do agree that Unity may create a greater force to be reckoned with, but it doesn’t mean that each individual constituent is truly strong. True Strength lies in one’s ability to stand alone in their conviction or pursuit of something. The ability to face the music with your fears, doubts and criticisms in the background is my impression of True strength .

We don’t have a lot of strong people in society today, because to be strong these days means doing your own thing. Strength today is pretty much synonymous to non-conformity, and you can deviate from the status quo both ways. I think you can choose not to conform to something bad or good and it’s still a sign of true strength. Most of us attribute strength to those that recovered from some self destructive habit to live healthier and cleaner, but can’t the same be said in the reverse?? Why can’t someone be displaying true strength for doing something that might be self destructive to them that most people aren’t doing?? Before you laugh at my perspective hear me out first.


You think it doesn’t take a great deal of mental/physical strength to be doing hard drugs, sleeping around recklessly or being a murderer?? Our society marks these people as truly weak, and that it’s because of this weakness why they can’t bounce back from these ‘evils’, but why can’t it be a case where they’re just strong enough to do something they know might be self destructive but believe it to be good for them nevertheless?? It’s like intentionally tearing your muscles by smashing them with a hammer. Sounds completely pointless yes, and would lead you to wonder why a sane person would summon ‘unnecessary’ pain (for some) on themselves in that way for no apparent reason. But it’s not the temporary pain they’re doing it for, but what they will gain after the muscles have healed. Athletes do this all the time in the gym, and people don’t realize it because regular people don’t understand the science of working out. The athletes know the risk to their bodies more than anyone but still do it because they believe it to be good for them nevertheless.



And it’s not just our athletes, but there are lot of the things people do generally that feel like intentionally tearing their muscles, to get to a greater state of physical, mental or spiritual strength. Most Religious people I know have frequently shared with me that most times they feel like giving up. One friend in particular said to me the other day that 90% of him feels like giving up his Faith, but then there’s that 10% conviction to keep it that brings him back every time. Even when it hurts these people socially, economically and every other way it can they still stay true to their Christ, Allah, Jah or whoever their God is; because somehow they believe it will be good for them in the long run.

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Virgins are the next ones, especially when they’re open and proud about their virginity. It amazes me how hypocritical our society can be; it frowns upon teenage mothers and fathers but is relentless in its pursuit to scrutinize its young, teenage virgins. Our society gives them the hardest time, making them feel abnormal and even inhuman for making a personal choice to preserve their bodies. Living in a world dominated by sex and having it in your face almost everyday I can imagine must feel like tearing your muscles with a hammer intentionally. It can be painful, but somehow they still hold out for the gain in strength at the end of their journey.


Everyone will have their test of strength, but the strongest of them all are the ones that rise above conformity, to stand alone and bear the pain for the future gain.


Best Regards,


– G.B


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