Women and Football: Their Master plan unfolded


Now I’m no football expert, but I do enjoy watching a good game. The energy and the emotions that football brings I believe are unparalleled in this world of sports. The next best thing I’d say is Track and Field. But hey, that’s just my opinion; no need to get hostile gentlemen. What I’ve noticed over the years though, is a growth in the appreciation of the sport primarily from  SOME of our female counterparts. Once upon a time footballers would only get a woman’s attention if his physique was built to her liking, but now I see where some of these women are actually developing an interest in the sport…. or are they??


This apparent Interest is emphasized especially during this 2014 World Cup season. You can see it in their Facebook statuses and Twitter updates: more technical analysis, and less admiration. But I don’t buy this sudden interest in Football from them. I think it’s just a carefully calculated plan to lure us men into their arms. You see most men today will have their Club or their Country that they identify with when it comes to Football. To say they identify with them is even an understatement, because these men WORSHIP these teams. And to them, NO WOMAN (aside from mommy) gets between them and their football.

Women now, especially those dating, are starting to understand this. After all, they must. It has almost become a status quo in contemporary society that you just don’t get between a man and his football. So instead of fighting this, the woman decides, instead, to join it. She does her research into the game, maybe even took some classes, so she could secretly increase her knowledge of football. When her relationship with her partner has been going on for a while now, and she wants things to move to the next level, but he’s kinda complacent, she HITS HIM WITH FOOTBALL, and just like that: Homeboy falls in love. Well maybe not love, but I assure you that if she succeeds with the HIT then he certainly will start to notice her differently and think about a relationship more than he did when he thought she was just like the rest.

Well played ladies, but I see you. And I hope after reading this post you gentlemen will start to see them too. Not that I’m saying I’m against you ladies liking and participating in the culture of football, but don’t just use it to get to us. That won’t impress us one bit. Frankly, it might prompt SOME OF US to even end whatever relationship we had with you (yea, it’s that serious).

Be mindful that not all men look at it as just a game. For some it’s as dear to their hearts as their mothers, and to know you’ve deceived him with your pretentious love for football, just might break his heart. So be careful.


Best Regards,




4 thoughts on “Women and Football: Their Master plan unfolded

  1. This was good! So true. I don’t love football. I have tried but I am thankful that my guys knows that I don’t like football because I don’t understand it and is willing to work with me. He tries to explain things but I don’t see myself becoming a fan of a football club or anything. I can do the four year cycle


  2. Germaine Bryan says:

    Thank you :). Some women are taking this harder than you though, and are chastising me for being bias and unappreciative when that was not at all my intention. Would you say that the tone of my piece might have suggested this??


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