Art and Poetry

A Toast to Dad..





Cheers to all the Fathers who played the part in their kids lives

Teaching their sons to become men and good husbands to their wives

The fathers who worked overtime to afford these comforts we have at our disposal

And still managed to make the effort for every football match and dance recital

Cheers to the fathers that would stroll their babies around the block until they fell asleep

the fathers that loved their daughters like princesses, so they’d know not to fall for the creep

To all the fathers that checked our notebooks when we came home after school

To ensure we were playing our part as children, instead of playing the fool

Cheers to the fathers who didn’t have fathers, but still made the effort for us

Always kept it 100. Never lied to our faces or betrayed our trust

Unless it was to protect our little dreams and expectations

Like Keeping Santa and the tooth fairy alive so our childhood would have imaginations

To all the fathers that would scold us so we’d know right from wrong

The fathers that would learn and sing word for word with you your favorite song

Those fathers that didn’t say those three words much, but did a million things to prove it

Those fathers that showed us how to be leaders, in how they kept the family as a unit

For the memories, the conversations, the laughs and the love

For the consistency in prioritizing our wants and needs above…


For being there just in case we needed you even when we tried to push you away

Thank you for braving up to the responsibility, and making the choice to stay

With Love and utmost Respect, Happy Fathers Day 🙂


Mr and Mr Bryan :)

Mr and Mr Bryan 🙂

– G.B


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