Do WOMEN really want the Big Muscles and 6 pack Abs?





Thanks to society almost every young boy’s dream is to be blessed with a chiseled physique, characterized primarily by  guns for arms and washboard abs. We can’t really blame them because it’s not like they had any other favorable choice. The cartoons and movies they all grew up watching were consistent in making the most attractive male character the man with the 6 pack and big muscles. Funny enough, often times these characters belonged to the lower percentile of intelligent people in the story line; but somehow we’ve been brainwashed to overlook that detail.

On that same breadth, it would indeed be irrational to say that our young girls aren’t attracted to muscles and abs. It is true, in fact, that most will say they are fondest of a man who is physically stronger than them, and most importantly, when it SHOWS. What I’ve observed however is that this particular preference they have becomes limited with age. When they were young, teenage girls they could not care less what he failed, if he got suspended or even if he got expelled. Back then they just wanted a prince charming to live out their Cinderella fairy tale. The older they get however, the bigger and more realistic their dreams get too, and they start to lose sight of their beloved prince charming. They now find themselves with a willingness to compromise for the courteous with no abs, the ambitious with no muscles or even the intelligent with the ugly. Yes the ugly. THE BIG BANG THEORY

Now don’t misunderstand me, because I’m not I’m saying THIS IS THE KEY and that all men should just let themselves go because women aren’t interested in physique. Rather, if it’s a WOMAN you’re in the market for, then I’d recommend you invest less energy in the physical and more in the mental. You see, while these little GIRLS might want a prince Charming, these WOMEN want a prince Intelligent, a prince Ambitious, a prince Responsible and a prince Virtuous all in one.


– G.B


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