Art and Poetry

Black and White Ballroom



She stood there so conserved, sipping her cherry wine

That red dress hugging her countour, highlighting every line

So crisp, so flawless, so beautiful; she was the vision of a masterpiece

and she wore this expression on her face, hinting that she was at peace


Her eyes searched the room lazily, in secret anticipation

Hoping she’d find a pair of eyes that would engage her in conversation

and seduce her, just by the deepness in his eyes

then walking towards her like a champion about to claim his prize


If only she wasn’t cultured to search for love in ‘light’ places

If only she’d look pass these those rolex wrists and caucasion faces

and see a ‘nigga’ that would give her a wealth of love and affection

if only she’d give me a fair chance irrespective of my complexion


We live in a world where our society must approve the ones we love

Gone are the days when this power belonged to the Most High above

Will there ever be a day when she’d give my kind a chance?

M’lady, when will you do me the honor of having this dance?…..




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