I used to think that love was suppose to have long hair and pretty eyes. It should laugh at your jokes and want to shower you with kisses. It should be one of the reasons your friends get jealous when they see you. But that’s not Love. Love isn’t objective and it can’t be defined tangibly. It doesn’t have a color or a curvature at the waistline. I think Love is a situation more than it is a feeling. The question is what kind of situation??

None of us are born knowing how to love. So to consciously say that we know what love is must have been as a result of learning. The love that we think we know is the love that the world taught us. That movie love that comes with butterflies in the tummy. The same love that says you’ll know its the real deal at first sight. That perfect, surreal situation that we share with our soul mates, premised on the popular presumption that everyone has an equal they’re meant to be with. Rubbish. Stop looking for that, because it doesn’t exist.

That definition of love is flawed, and it’s the reason why so much of us have flawed love lives. So much of us keeping breaking up more than making up, because we chose to live by this definition of Love.You see Love is not a candlelit steak dinner or some passionate sex. Love is not what a person can do for you or your partner cheating on the side but doing it respectfully.

Love is a simplified, ordinary situation of friendship, that can be possible with any couple if the right conditions prevail. Its a bond actually, quite similar to what you would have with your family. That bond that allows you to be the most unfiltered, imperfect, raw and genuine YOU. If you can find that bond with a person, and build on it, then you just might discover love some day. Just might. But don’t believe the crap they sell you in the movies. It’s just entertainment, but this is common sense.




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