Art and Poetry

I must confess….





I must confess that the first time I saw you I thought I was dead

For I know there are no angels in my reality

Then suddenly my heartbeat was heavy as lead

And life started to seem surreal and imaginary


For one can only imagine a being so perfectly made as you

Like a masterpiece crafted by God himself, perfect in every virtue

I know the one who has your heart must consider himself royalty

And the hope is that he’s giving you love in abundance with his loyalty


I don’t even know your name, and I don’t want to know it either

But what you should know is that seeing you has now made me into a believer

Maybe someday my nerves will subdue for me to approach you

But for now writing down my admiration is what i’ll continue


I’m not writing this to cause any trouble in paradise

Because I’m not one to be envious of a next man’s paradise

But I believe when something is beautiful it should be treated as such

And though these words may not be roses, I hope what is said will be deemed as much….


– G.B



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