Art and Poetry

In the Dark..




In the Dark my mind is most comfortable in the bosom of my thoughts

In the Dark I can paint love with a palette of hearts

In the dark I imagine i’m the leader of the free world

In the dark I’m that superhero that always gets the girl

In the dark i’m surrounded by a belt of friendship

In the dark I can actually maintain a good relationship

without getting cold feet before the big day and jumping ship


In the dark there’s no judgement and no crowd I have to please

In the dark my mind is like a christian on his knees

Surrendering himself to the revelations from God

In the dark I’m content with this notion that i’m mad


In the dark I’m content yes, alone but content

In the dark I burn my sins in a sacrifice of repent

In the dark I’ve figured out cures to diseases that plague humanity

In the dark my imagination is allowed to become my reality

In the dark I laugh at my jokes and have meaningful discussions

In the dark I murder my nightmares with no fear of repercussions



In the dark I see a virgin vine climbing through the cracked floor

Its arms cut through the dark with an enthusiasm to explore

It keeps climbing and emerging, widening the crack

DOMINATING and RAPING the innocence from the black

The black starts to wrestle but it’s a fight already LOST..


The strains of the fight bear tears in the dark cloth

and like a fabric indeed it tears to let out a spark

A light..humanized..come to save me from the dark..


– G.B


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